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Looking for a Non-Frozen Cookie Dough Fundraiser? No problem, Cookie Joe Fundraising has you covered! We offer a unique cookie fundraising opportunity. Forget frozen cookie dough fundraisers, instead we focus on dry cookie dough. Why is this better? You don’t have to worry about keeping it frozen until it’s all delivered. Our non-frozen cookie dough offers a gourmet cookie dough fundraising opportunity, without all the stresses and headaches.
What’s more – our fundraisers are simple. Really simple. For starters, there are no upfront costs or minimum orders. And to help you sell a lot of cookie dough we will supply you with all the professional order forms and full color brochures you need. We have everything in place to help you look professional, keep track of sales, and remain organized. We also happen to have the best customer service in cookie dough fundraisers. We want to make your fundraiser super simple and amazingly successful!
Our cookies are completely hassle-free to deliver. You don’t need to worry about keeping the dough frozen, because it is a dry mix. This is a great feature because you won’t need to worry about anything spoiling or being compromised during handling and distribution. Our fundraisers are unique like that! Rather than you and your customers racing to keep things frozen, you can concentrate on distribution and your customers can think about when they want to simply add the eggs and butter to make a fresh batch of cookies!

Why Cookie Dough?

Ever read the ingredients list on a package of store-bought cookies? It’s nearly impossible anymore! But it’s not like that with our cookie dough. We proudly provide cookies made from all natural ingredients, just like grandma used to make. All of our cookie dough is also peanut free, Kosher, and does not contain any trans-fats. When it comes to varieties we have you covered there as well. Choose from a whole line of favorite flavors, in addition to funnel cakes and brownies. We have something for everyone! With our fundraisers you can put a smile on someone’s face, the smell of fresh baked cookies in their home, and help raise the funds your group needs.
Are you ready to try our unique and tasty fundraiser? Give it a shot! Your group doesn’t have to pay anything up front to get started, and you can raise a lot of dough! We also don’t require any minimum orders. With Cookie Joe Fundraising you leave behind the stress, headaches, and hassles. We have made fundraising as easy as it should be!
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